Our cafe…

Our gorgeous little cafe started life as a cafe next to a beautiful flower shop…then in 2017 after years of never having enough seats…the little flower shop became ours too!

Since expanding our space it has been a rollercoaster…in April 2018 we had a fire in our cellar…we had to close for 6 months while we cleaned, cried, repaired burnt beams, painted and moved a few things around…but on Wednesday 26th of September 2018 we reopened our doors.

We are open every day serving up fresh seasonal food for vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters. We make salads daily to accompany our specials and offer a range of deli style sandwiches, burgers and jacket potatoes.

All of our food is homemade, including our cakes, tray bakes and teacakes…even the jam and marmalade is all made by us!